Chinese famille verte teapot from The Chitra Collection, dating from the 17th century.

This renowned Newby green tea originates from Hunan Province, one of China’s most celebrated tea-growing regions. To complement our tea we have chosen a rare famille verte Chinese teapot from The Chitra Collection to decorate the packaging.

This hexagonal teapot dates from the Kangxi Period in China, c 1690. Famille verte wares were purposely manufactured to be exported overseas; a French art historian called Albert Jacquemart coined the term famille verte towards the end of the 19th Century in his seminal book ‘L’Histoire de la Céramique’. Here, a brilliant apple green dominates the surface colour of the teapot along with iron-red, yellows, purples and blues.

This teapot with an arched double handle depicts the 8 mythological horses of Mu Wang, who was the emperor of the Zhou dynasty from 1023-983 BC. According to the myth, each horse had a supernatural gift, from galloping without touching the ground to riding on a cloud. The tale was used as a metaphor for the safe and prosperous voyage of any Chinese ruler.

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